Putting some fun into taking medication

A game to help people

Many people forget to take their medication on time and daily. It is not fun to do, and it is also difficult to learn this habit. To tackle this problem I made a conceptual game design for a mobile application. Journey is an app that helps you get through your treatment in a fun way. In Journey you go on an adventure with your dog. You will walk a mountain together and, in addition to discovering the secrets of the mountain, go to the top together. The idea of the app was that people could simulate their treatment in a more exciting way. The goal is to reach the top and therefore complete the treatment, by taking all your medicine. People were stimulated to take their daily medication, as they were given cliffhangers and unlockable content as they got closer to the top of the mountain. 


While designing the app I wanted to bring a feel of nature, relaxation and positive energy to the app. Therefore I wanted to incorporate numerous nature aspects and give the player a partner for the journey. To make the app more worthwhile I also implemented numerous fun features, such as the option to customize your character or finding collectibles during your journey.  By making the drawings simplistic and the environment soothing, the app has a calming feel, while remaining playful.