Inspired by nature

Marketing healthy chips

During my internship I was asked to help with concepting, and subsequently, creating visuals for a possible marketing campaign for an upcoming brand of chips (O’nest). While concepting I wanted to come up with something fun and therefore tried to think of different guerilla marketing campagnes. The guerilla campaigns I came up with were inspired by nature, as the chips uses natural ingredients and promotes a healthier version of normal chips. After some iterations I came up with a big tree in the middle of city squares where chips would hang from. The tree would contrast with all the concrete buildings and bring back some nature into the city, as well as make people curious what was hanging in the tree. Aside from the three, nature elements were also used throughout other promotional material.

Mockups & Illustration

After concepting I made several mockups to illustrate to the client how the campaign would look like. I made two adverts, which could be used in magazines or on billboards, a few website banners and an illustration to illustrate the tree and give an idea how it would fit in the environment.