Down the futuristic rabbit hole

Concepting cyborgs

For this project I was tasked with designing a concept for cyborgs and their environment in the foreseeable future, based on current research and developments. I choose to design a future where people can directly influence their own memory, in the widest sense of the word, with Memorypod. Memorypod is connected to the brainstem, which makes it possible to reach all parts of brain where different types of memory are stored. This project not only makes us think about the advantages and disadvantages of technology in a futuristic society, but also how big aspects of how we humans get on with our own lives, as well as our relationships with others, are changed.

Mindmap & Storyboards

While designing the cyborg of the future I did some research by reading a lot of scientific articles regarding to current brain and technology research. The outline for Memorypod started with a lot of thought about how such a implementation would affect the daily life of a person. To illustrate this I drew five storyboards which show the positive and negative aspects during the course of one day. For example you can replay your memories, but since memories are easy accessible it is also possible to alter them. You can even buy memories to upload to your brain, but if memories are for sale, how does this affect the way we view intelligence and even the gap between poor and rich? These are a few example questions I want people to think about while viewing this project.